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It is rare that two companies will have the same temperature monitoring requirement. For that reason Isatec Ltd has a range of products for various different requirements.

Automated Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Ideal for providing automated audit reports and temperature alarms for your facility.


With Sensilla, you can ensure you are meeting your temperature data collection obligations. With the optional subscription, you can view your data and reports from anywhere in the world via a secure connection.

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IceSpy System5

IceSpy System 5 provides a comprehensive and continuous temperature monitoring facility, allowing Scout sensors positioned throughout a facility to wirelessly communicate data back to a central PC for long term storage.

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IceSpy RL / 'Comark' IceSpy

Even with the release of new systems like System5 and Sensilla, IceSpy RL components and systems are still available for legacy information.

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WiFi Temperature Sensors

WiFi Sensor systems stream Temperature Monitoring data wirelessly over your WiFi connection and can be viewed from a PC or through the WiFi sensor cloud.

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Temperature Alert

Providing Email/SMS alarms when computer equipment is too hot or cold

Temperature Alert USB Edition

TEMPERATURE@LERT plugs into your usb port, and monitors the ambient temperature to alert you via email when it rises or falls outside your acceptable range.

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Temperature Alert WiFi Edition

TEMPERATURE@LERT connects to your network via network point or wireless internet, and monitors the ambient temperature to alert you via email when it rises or falls outside your acceptable range.

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LogTag Data Loggers / Temperature Recorders

Low cost temperature loggers, ideal for shipment temperature tracking

Temperature Logger TRIX-8

TRIX-8 is simple to configure, and once up and running can store up to 8000 timestamped temperature recordings.

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Temperature Logger TREX-8

Similar to the TRIX-8 in terms of operation, but uses external probes in order to allow the user to get a product temperature reading.

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Temperature Logger TRID-30

Provides up-to 30 days worth of simple data review via in the built in screen - Ideal for long journey records.

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Temperature & Humidity Logger HAXO-8

Temperature & Humidity Logger - can record up to 8000 timestamped recordings.

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Single-Trip Temperature Logger SRIC-4

Single-Trip Temperature Logger - can record up to 3968 timestamped recordings.

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