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Temperature Mapping

Using our knowledge of temperature monitoring, Isatec provides a complete, professional temperature mapping service for warehouses and pharmaceutical storage areas. This can also be known as a thermal mapping.

Predominantely in the pharmaceutical and pharmacy environment it can be imperative that warehouses and storage areas, even chiller units, are individually and independantly mapped; this ensures goods are being kept safe, away from any 'hotspots' within your storage facility.

The MHRA, FDA and other agencies can make temperature mapping a requirement of license.

What does Isatec provide?

We use our own, calibrated, temperature loggers in order to remain independant of your existing controls. Our mapping equipment is regularly calibrated against UKAS conforming test probes, ensuring that your mapping will be accurate.

We will typically leave our equipment in situ for between one and two weeks. We will then come and collect our equipment, perform our analysis, then send you a report.

We can customise this to your requirements, call us with your exact needs!

What is in a mapping report?

You will be provided with calibration certificates for all equipment used during the test, in addition to listings of data, maps, graphs and a report. This report will make it clear which sensors have been used in which locations - Allowing you to make the safest and best use of your storage area.

What can be mapped?

Mapping requirements vary from business to business, but typical examples include:

  • Cold Storage
  • Fridges / Freezers
  • Ambient Warehouse Storage
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
  • Blood Banks
  • Server Rooms
  • Production Areas
  • Materials Storage