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LogTag Recorders

Temperature Logger (TRIX-8)

TRIX-8 is simple to configure, and once up and running can store up to 8000 timestamped temperature recordings.

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Humidity & Temperature Logger (HAXO-8)

The LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Data Recorder combines the leading edge features of the LogTag temperature Recorder with a highly reliable solid state humidity sensor means the LogTag HAXO-8 is a leader in it's class.

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Temperature Logger with External Probe (TREX-8)

Ideal for situations where the TRIX-8 cannot be used, the TREX-8 uses external probes instead of an internal sensor. These external probes are purchased separately from Isatec Ltd.

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Single Trip Temperature Logger (SRIC-4)

A single-trip temperature recorder based on the industry renowned TRIX-8, developed for monitoring temperature senstive products in both short haul and long distance transportation.

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Temperature Logger with Display (TRID-30)

All the features of the industry renowned TRIX, with the added benifit of a day Alarm Summary - Displays alarms in a calender format, for the last 30 days, all on integrated screen.

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Accessories for LogTag products, including Docking Stations, Protective Enclosures and Wall Mounting Brackets

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