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IceSpy RL Temperature Monitoring

The original IceSpy RL system (often known as 'Comark IceSpy') is a well proven hardware platform for wireless recording.

IceSpy RL was the first wireless temperature recording system on the market, and revolutionised the field by allowing wireless systems rather than being restricted by cable connections between sensors.

The cost-effective radio solution provides links between devices measuring temperature, humidity or door-openings. Data is fed back to control units (RL-CU) which can be connected to your PC for the downloading of data.


No wiring or expensive installation costs. Up to 32 sensors can be linked by radio on a single site to one control unit.

Radio repeaters extend coverage to cover virtually any size facility.

Isatec offers RL System healthchecks - we can calibrate and battery change old sensors, there is often no need to throw them out!


Various Hardware Options

Base unit displays current values from a variety of logger types.

Temperature, Humidity and Door events can all be monitored.

Sensors are waterproof and have a sealed 10 year battery.

Connect the base unit to a printer for table listings of alarms and data.


Alarm Options

With built in BMS you can even connect to your building management system or have the base station automatically call members of staff when there's a problem.

Easy-to-use Windows software means that records can quickly be accessed and saved.


Upgradable - Maintainable!

IceSpy RL System is now over 10 years old. While the hardware is still effective, there have been many advances in software and base units during this time.

By upgrading your RL-CU to a Hybrid-Base, you can utilise the latest software, including IceSpy System5 View and Sensilla.net Web Reports and Mobile Access