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Keeping it fresh with Isatec & Fresh Logistics

Fresh Logistics is a refridgerated storage and courier business, based across Nottingham, Derby and London. Catering for a multitude of customers, with a variety of products from food to pharma and biotechnology, Fresh Logistics needed a 24/7/365 way to monitor, manage and order the temperatures across each of its seperate chambers. This requirement was paramount to the business.

Sensilla & IceSpy

Isatec provides Fresh Logistics with IceSpy Mini Systems in each of its locations; these then collect data to the web application, allowing for complete remote monitoring of storage from the head office.

Providing a critical service

Alan White, Managing Director of Fresh Logistics, said "When going through the Invitation to Tender process, we saw many large 'big named' monitoring companies, but Isatec won on price, customer service, flexibility and their ability to build the system modular; As a business, we need personal and reliable service as temperature monitoring is critical to our business"

First Class Results

Alan went on to say, "Isatec's system is reliable, powerful and extremely good value for money. As we roll out our sites and brand we have the knowledge that the Sensilla system is more than capable of delivering first class results. Our customers have also given the system 'a big thumbs up'".

The Future

As Fresh Logistics continue to expand and develop the business, Isatec Ltd will be supplying all temperature measurement equipment.