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Cottage industry goes global

From humble beginnings Monty's Bakehouse has grown into an international food logistics company. It was founded in 2003 by a small passionate team working from their kitchens at home.

Monty's is now a leading supplier of in-flight meals with a prestigious client list including British Airways, Air Canada and Lufthansa. It continues to focus on premium ingredients and innovative technology such as 'bake in the box'. The company is headquartered in South Godstone, Surrey and now supplies products across the globe. Andy Bamford is their Stock and Logistics Manager.

Bullet proof system needed to protect stock

"We were exporting product in containers to the Middle East. The stock value was approximately £75k per container. We were also shipping to Europe, where there are problematic distribution points due to the amount of trans-shipping being done. We needed a bullet proof way of protecting our stock and a maintaining a complete temperature record" explained Andy.

LogTags : cost effective and robust

LogTags from Isatec presented the ideal solution for Monty's. "We looked at four or five other options before choosing LogTags. The other products were bulky or brittle and looked like they wouldn't last long. Some didn't sit well on the pallet. As LogTags are credit card sized and robust, they were an ideal solution for us."

LogTags have been designed to meet the growing demand for environmental recording and are a cost effective solution for logging the conditions of goods in transit.

Andy went on to say: "They are very easy to use. I am not technically minded and it is straightforward to change the parameters. They have a 2 year shelf life and then they are recyclable, which is an added bonus. Also we often get last minute orders in from the airlines so have had to order additional LogTags for quick delivery and Isatec have never let us down. "