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A Global Leader in the Food Industry

McCormick & Company are a global leader in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices and seasonings. McCormick supplies the entire food industry - retail outlets, food manufacturers and food service businesses. They are committed to health and quality. Their UK operation is based in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

McCormick & Isatec

Due to increasing customer and regulatory requirements, McCormick needed a robust system to monitor and control temperature and humidity levels. "McCormick looked at several other suppliers before selecting Isatec" explained Caroline Monsini who is the Raw Materials & Factory QA Group Leader.

The specific solution chosen was Icespy, a wireless temperature monitoring system that offers tremendous flexibility. The system is used across the McCormick facility within the frozen and chilled storage areas, production rooms, warehouses, sample rooms and QA laboratories. Icespy logs the critical temperature and humidity data that can then be easily accessed and analysed at any time.

Service Above & Beyond

Caroline was keen to highlight the effective working relationship with Isatec. "Isatec are very responsive and understand our business issues. I know Matthew has at times gone the extra mile to help us out. They are a valued, supportive and reliable contractor"

The Future

Looking ahead McCormick has a requirement to keep data for up to 6 years. Isatec anticipated this requirement and has already developed a solution. The recently launched Sensilla product is a web based data management system that offers even greater flexibility and reporting options. It minimises the administrative burden of temperature monitoring and provides 24 hour access to both live and historical data.