CM110 Weight Control System

FENIX controls the weight of cigar & cigarette rods up to 14.5mm diameter on a variety of making machines.


Real-time information at your finger tips. Production parameters such as Std Dev, Moisture, Rejection provide valuable information to personnel.

TEWS MW3012 Sensor

Fully integrated with the TEWS MW3012 Microwave Moisture & Density Sensor.

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MW3012 Sensor

The MW3012 Microwave Moisture & Density Sensor provides the leading industry standard in measurement at up to 40,000 readings per second.

Available for various rod diameters

IS100T Software

The IS100T is an IPC with touch screen to provide the user with real time production information.

Displaying trend analysis, weight  control and machine level data management by shift and brand.

CM110 Upgrade

The CM110 is a weight control system that can be either be installed OEM or retrofitted on to a variety of making machines to to provide tighter control of weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is one of the most common retrofit installations. 

Potentially Yes! Please contact us. We will send you a guide of what information is required for us to quote.

Yes it can but the likelihood is that the nucleonic sensor will need to be replaced for a factory safe sensor

The lead time for a FENIX system is 8 weeks

Colin Bunting

FENIX Expert